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Established in 2012.

After many years working for other companies in IT roles, I made the decision to work for myself. Providing IT to Home Users & Small Business Owners. Worked within the Financial Services Industry for 15 years, holding many IT positions up to Head of Computer Operations.
Michael P - Business Owner.

  • IT Support Where you need it.
  • Windows Desktops & Laptop Repairs.
  • Dedicated Support.
  • Backup & Security.
  • Network Support.
  • Business Server Support.

Apple & Windows Devices

Backup & Security

Network Support

Business Server Support

Always delivering more than expected.
Prudent IT Solutions

IT Support for Home Users & Small Business Owners

IT Support Where You Need It

Home and Office Support
If you use one or more devices and you need one-off, occasional or regular support in London, then give me a call.
You may be:
* A professional working from a home office.
* A charity.
* A company or other organisation.
You may be looking for any of these:
* One-off or regular help either at home or business premises.
* Remote support by telephone, email or remote access.
* Support for urgent items (such as virus removal) or you may just think it’s time to do something about that growing pile of niggling computer related problems that has now built up exponentially.
* Support/Consultancy for various aspects of your systems. So that you feel more comfortable and confident that everything is working as it should and is as safe as practically possible from online threats.
* Advice about upgrading your system.

Genuine Expertise

Device Repairs
Is your device running slow? Do you wait a long time for web pages to load?
Do you keep getting error messages or does your device not start up at all? If your having any device problems then call Prudent IT Solutions.

All makes and models including:-
Apple, Toshiba, Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, IBM/Lenovo, Sony Vaio and many more are supported with all operating systems.

Here are some of the other services provided:
* New Desktop/Laptop setup.
* Operating system upgrades.
* Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).
* Data Recovery.
* Health check/MOT.
* Faulty screen replacement.
* RAM memory upgrade.
* Lost user password recovery.
* Overheating.
Fix onsite or pickup service.
Whatever your computer repair needs are, Prudent IT Solutions is here to help.

Backup and Security

Protecting Your Small Business Data
It is very easy to put thoughts of data backup and disaster recovery to the back of your mind and at the bottom of your budget requirement.
To do so is irresponsible; have you thought about what would happen if you lost access to your customer data?
* How would you invoice them, or know what work you had already invoiced for?
* How would you explain your financial status to the tax man?
* Ask yourself, would your business survive at all?
Apart from the immediate interruption to your business processes stifling your cash flow, consider the cost in man hours of manually reconstructing the lost data.
So think of data backup as insurance, with recovery of your business information the pay-out after an accidental loss.
And the best news: it’s much more affordable than many businesses think.

Business Server Support

VMware, Windows, Linux & Maintenance

* Administration: AD, DNS, DHCP, DIRECT ACCESS, IIS, HYPER-V etc.
* All manufacturers supported.
* Hardware/Software installation & troubleshooting.
* Security.
* Upgrades.
* Health Check.
* Design & configuration.
* Troubleshooting.
* Health Check.
* IOS upgrades.
Dedicated Support
You needn’t wait around for a site visit. Whether you're an individual or a small to medium sized business with a functioning internet connection we can provide immediate professional remote support tailored to your computing needs.

Is Your Company GDPR Compliant? Ignore at your peril.

What does GDPR stand for?
GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR came into effect in May 2018, It affects every company in the world that processes personal data about people in the EU.

It's the EU's primary digital privacy legislation.
Most aspect of our lives is intertwine around data, from governments, banks, retail shops and social media companies, - the majority of these services we use involves the processing and analysis of our personal data. And, perhaps most importantly, stored by organisations.

The GPR legislation came into existence because of the way our personal data has been treated by many companies.

Personal data is seen and treated as a commodity to be sold or exchange with other third parties and companies without regard to the rights of individuals.

Think Facebook & Cambridge Analytica. Up to 87 million people had their Facebook data copied by Cambridge Analytica.

GDPR is designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data.

How you collect personal information. Personal data is any piece of information that can be used to identify a person.
For example a person's name, address, social security number and more...

Is Your Company GDPR Compliant? - continued.

Personal data includes medical and genetic data, religious affiliation and political views, sexual orientation, and more. You can only collect personal data if you have a legal reason to do so.

You might need it for a employment contract, receipt of sale and goods supplied for example. Or your client may have asked you to send them information on your products or services. In every case, you must make it clear what the personal data will be used for and only use it for that purpose.

The right to know what information is held by a business on an individual
Customers can request a business or organisation provide what information is being held about them. You must respond within one month and the information given without a charge or fee being requested.

The right to request that all personal data held by a company is deleted.
Customers can ask a company to delete all stored personal data about them, unless the company needs to keep that information for legal reasons, such as tax audits.

Is my company or startup going to be impacted by GDPR?
In short yes. There are many aspects to GDPR. Prudent IT Solutions will help you to understand the actual and potential GDPR risks your company faces, and to implement robust controls to mitigate risk in proportion to the threat they pose.


Areas of Expertise

All Diagnostics Network design and diagnostics MS Server support and maintenance

One-off or regular help either at home or business premises or Remote support via the Internet

Networks design & configuration, troubleshooting & more

VMware, Server Support & Maintenance (Windows Server 2012r2, 2016)

Desktops/Laptops diagnostics, upgrade, data recovery, OS upgrade & more


What Our Clients Say


Consultancy for SMEs

image of numerical data
Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset. Your Company's Data. You can replace stolen computers, re-install softwares, repair networks, but recovering from a major data loss is no simple task.

Your data is the easiest and most lucrative asset for criminals to sell and make large amounts of money. They can exploit your customers’ and employees’ personal information for identity theft purposes.

Unfortunately, many companies and organizations of all sizes have experienced data breaches and leaks.

You’ve seen the headlines –
'Major Retailer loses Customers’ credit card information'. Millions of passwords and personal details stolen from online sites.

July 2019, British Airways is facing a record fine of £183m for breach of its security systems in 2018. The data breach took place after users of British Airways' website were diverted to a fraudulent site. 500,000 customers details were harvested by the attackers.

What Can You Do to Defend Against Data Loss?
It is important to fully understand your vulnerabilities and prioritise your key security challenges, both with your computer network and the software applications you are using.

Prudent IT Solutions can provide an independent review of your security architecture, identify areas where you are most vulnerable and provide a comprehensive assessment based on your needs as a business and our understanding of any potential threats.

GDPR image
Meeting GDPR data protection compliance obligations in an increasingly privacy focused world is complex. Every business needs to pay attention. It is not a matter of ticking a few boxes!

GDPR remains a mystery for many businesses in terms of how to apply the law and how they handle and process data they are collecting.

Data breaches appear in headlines daily, simply aiming to meet the minimum compliance obligations is not sufficient.

Prudent IT Solutions will help you become compliant and our service includes the following :
* A complete audit of all of your systems and processes for your business.
* Provide solutions that will give your business the required compliance with the requirements of GDPR.
* Password policies.
* Computer security policies.
* Strong encryption of data.
* Importantly -
  Creation of procedures and policies for your   business and staff to follow at all times.

Computer servers
Every business, regardless of size, require effective network security solutions in place to protect it from the ever-growing scale of cyber threats today.

Protecting your computer system is critical, yet it can be a challenge for small and medium-size businesses that don’t have a full-time IT staff to oversee system security and maintenance.

Just a few minutes of downtime can cause widespread disruption and massive financial damage to a company's bottom line and reputation, it is essential that robust protection measures are in place.

Fortunately, there are a number of things business owners can do today to secure their computer network and build a robust and impenetrable architecture against hackers and viruses.

Prudent IT Solutions can provide an independent review of your network architecture, identify areas where you are most vulnerable such as:
* Physical security controls
* Technical security controls protecting data that is stored on the network or which is in transit across, into or out of the network.
* Administrative security controls of security policies and processes that control user behaviour, including how users are authenticated, their level of access and also how IT staff members implement changes to the infrastructure.

Prudent IT Solutions will provide a comprehensive assessment based on your needs as a business and our understanding of any potential threats.


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